1. What Are RTA Cabinets?

Unlike assembled cabinets that are pre-built by a manufacturer, ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are meant to be assembled on-site at your home or the location of your project.

After buying an RTA cabinet online or from the store, you will receive the cabinet you purchased in a broken-down or unassembled form commonly known as “flat packed.” This form is called “flat packed” because all the unassembled components of the cabinet can be laid flat when they are packed, shipped, and delivered to you.

RTA cabinets are significantly less expensive than assembled cabinets because the work of building the cabinet is your responsibility.

While RTA cabinets require a little bit of your time, they don’t require highly technical skills and knowledge to be assembled. With the help of a few everyday tools and our extremely helpful how-to videos, your RTA cabinets can be very practical to install.

2. How Long Does It Take To Assemble An RTA Cabinet?

The assembly time varies depending on the type and size of the individual cabinet you purchased. Typical wall cabinets can be assembled in 10-20 minutes and base cabinets in around 30 minutes.

Assembling larger or more complex cabinets can take longer due to the additional components and the overall complexity of the cabinet. Assembly times may also vary with your level of experience.

3. How Many People Does It Take To Assemble And Install RTA Cabinets?

You can assemble and install an RTA cabinet by yourself in most cases. However, additional help can make the overall process much easier to complete in a timely fashion. If you have never assembled or installed an RTA cabinet, an extra helping hand or two will be beneficial. More help is especially important when assembling or installing larger RTA kitchen cabinets.

4. Do I Need Help From A Professional To Assemble Or Install RTA Cabinets?

Help from an expert is not required for assembling or installing RTA cabinets. The assembly and installation process does not require you to possess the knowledge, skill, or experience of a professional contractor. However, you are more than welcome to seek help from an expert.

5. What Tools Will I Need For Assembly?

When assembling an RTA cabinet, you only need a few everyday tools to get the job done. Here are the tools you will need:

  • Cordless Drill – A drill is necessary for properly fastening cabinet faces, corner braces, assembly clips, and other components using the screws included with your RTA cabinet. We recommend using a cordless drill so you can freely move and drill with greater ease.
    • NOTE: If equipped with a speed control switch, the electric drill/driver should be set to a slower speed setting to avoid the possibility of over-driving the screws and accidentally damaging components.
  • Wood Glue – When assembling the cabinet faces, you will want to apply all-purpose wood glue to the connection grooves and dovetails. This provides lubrication when assembling joints and creates a strong hold between the connected cabinet surfaces to ensure an overall durable construction.
  • Rubber Mallet – When sliding cabinet faces into place, a few light taps with a rubber mallet will help secure them. Our proprietary dovetail joint assembly process will also require a few taps with a rubber mallet to make the joints secure and flush with each other.
  • Rags or Paper Towels – You will want to have an old rag or roll of paper towels on hand during the assembly process to wipe away any excess wood glue.
  • Protective Layer for Workstation – If you are assembling your RTA cabinet inside your home, make sure you cover your workstation with a protective layer like a plastic tarp. This will protect your home from scratches, wood glue, etc.

6. What Are RTA Cabinets Made Out Of?

Many other brands’ RTA cabinets are made from particleboard, cheap fillers, or other inferior imitation wood materials. At RTA Kitchens Direct, all our RTA cabinets are made from genuine wood. Our cabinet face frames and doors are made from Birch, North American Maple or Eucalyptus Grandis. Drawer and box construction features furniture-grade A plywood. RTA cabinets from RTA Kitchens Direct are well-made, extremely durable, and capable of achieving an overall level of quality that competes with pre-assembled cabinetry.

7. Can I Get RTA Kitchen Cabinets With Special Storage Features?

Absolutely. RTA Kitchens Direct cabinets are compatible with a wide range of clever and convenient kitchen storage solutions that can help you save space and stay organized. Popular choices include drawer organizers, pull-out baskets, and cabinet door mount storage.

8. How Long Do RTA Kitchens Direct Cabinets Take To Ship?

In general, RTA cabinets have shorter shipping lead times because (1) the cabinets are already in stock and (2) they don’t require assembly before shipping. Manufacturers or companies that sell pre-assembled cabinets don’t always keep their products in stock, and they have to assemble the cabinets after your order has been placed. When ordering from RTA Kitchens Direct, your cabinets will ship within 1-30 business days after your order is placed. The fastest turnaround time is 3-5 business days.